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Save a Fluff is a place for rabbit rescues to unite online and list the bunnies they have up for adoption, helping them find permanent, loving homes. There are over 67,000 rabbits in rescues across the UK - from babies to adults and all different breeds. Please consider saving a rabbit by adopting, rather than going to a pet shop or breeder.

Far from the common misconception of being "an animal that sits in a hutch and doesn’t do much;" rabbits are fast, funny, intelligent little bundles of personality. When given the correct diet, space, company, love and affection, rabbits make excellent family pets!

This website is free for everyone to use and aims to:

  • spread the word that rabbit rescues exist
  • allow you to find rabbits (+ other small fluffs) to adopt
  • give ideas on how you can help support rescues
  • provide information to new, existing, and potential bunny owners to help you understand how to look after these fantastic animals.

We do not take in or rehome rabbits ourselves - we provide the link between you and rescues. We hope you enjoy using the Save a Fluff website!

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Did you know?…
80% of a rabbit's diet should be hay - there are lots of tasty varieties available