How much exercise do rabbits need?

Rabbits need space to exercise

Rabbits are very fast runners and love to dart about, jumping and twisting in the air when they're happy and feeling playful. In the wild they run around 3 miles each day! Pet rabbits would ideally have this same amount of exercise so we need to give them as much as possible.

Rabbits need a minimum of 3 hours free-range time each day for them to run about, stretch their legs, and interact with each other and the family.

Rabbits need lots of exerciseKeeping your bunnies as 'house rabbits' makes it easier to give them a lot of space as they have the run of your house (or designated rooms).

If you are going to let them exercise loose in the garden you MUST always be outside with them watching them, and your garden must be bunny proofed - to stop them escaping, protect them from predators, and to prevent them from eating any poisonous plants. They are most active at dawn and dusk, relaxing in the shade on hot afternoons so they may seem quieter then.

You should provide your rabbits with the biggest run you can, as a guide the minimum size is 8ft x 4ft x 4ft. Read more on rabbit runs on our hutch and runs page.

If possible, an ideal way of exercising your rabbits is to keep them as house rabbits where they can roam around, then let them have time outdoors whether it be loose or in a run.

Exercising your rabbits will keep them fit, healthy, and entertained. They are also a joy to watch!

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