Rabbit Campaigns and In the News

Top tips for saving money with pet rabbits    

Top tips for saving money with pet rabbits

Many people think of rabbits as cheap pets, but soon find out when they have them that that's far from the truth, particularly when it comes to vet bills. So here are some tips to help you save money where you can.

What bugs a bunny?    

What Bugs a Bunny?

The RSPCA has launched a rabbit welfare campaign to help educate rabbit owners on common rabbit problems, starting with what pet bunnies should be eating.

Rabbit Welfare Petition  

Please sign this rabbit welfare petition!

Camp Nibble Rabbit Rescue have created a petition to introduce a code of practice that will help to reduce the widespread suffering of domestic rabbits.

Rabbit Awareness Week  

Rabbit Awareness Week

Get FREE rabbit health checks at veterinary clinics all around the UK! Free bunny advice and events in your area.

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