Why adopt from a rescue?

You can't change the world by saving one animal,
but for that one animal, you change its world...

adopt a rabbitReasons you should adopt a rabbit from a rescue

  • The rabbits are already neutered and vaccinated, saving you £100s up front
  • You get aftercare and someone to ask if you have any questions
  • You can see the rabbit's personality (they really are all different! Some are shy, some are crazy!)
  • Rescues help you choose one that will get on with your current rabbit (if you have one)
  • Adopt 1 rabbit and you'll save 2! In effect you're rescuing an animal and making room for a new one to be rescued
  • Rescues have bunnies of all ages, from babies to adults
  • It's a myth the rabbits have 'issues' - many have been given up just because a child got bored
  • If you are adopting a pair of rabbits they will already be bonded
  • Rescues give great advice and you leave feeling clued-up and ready to give your rabbits a fresh start at a happy life!

Why not a pet shop or breeder?

Unfortunately there are a lot of bad breeders out there, keeping rabbits in extremely poor conditions and over-working the rabbits by getting them pregnant again and again. Even caring breeders are adding to the over-populated nation, as are rabbit owners who fail to neuter theirs, or get their rabbits pregnant in order to sell the babies and make a quick buck (pardon the pun!) Pet shops tend to obtain their rabbits from breeders, so this supports the breeding process. All of these baby rabbits being churned out for money are preventing rescued rabbits from getting a home. There are over 67,000 rabbits currently in rescues around the UK - the breeding process does not need to be encouraged!

Please do not buy from a pet shop or breeder just because it might seem easier. Sometimes the rehoming process can seem a bit longer but it's thorough for a reason and very educational and fun!

Things to remember when adopting from a rescue

  • Wait until you've spoken to the rescue as they will advise you on hutches etc to buy as many pet shop ones are too small. This will prevent you from buying the wrong one.

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