How much does it cost to keep a pet rabbit?

Prices vary but this is a rough estimate (per rabbit) to give you an idea of costs before buying a rabbit - the bunny is the cheap bit! Getting a rabbit from a shelter is free, but they do ask for a small donation to help them cover costs (this price will still be lower than the neutering price alone!)

One-off costs

Hutch + run / other type of housing
Spay / neuter (free if you adopt)
Toilet trays
  £200 - 300
£15 - 20
£50 - 100
£15  (£5 each)

Ongoing costs

Fruit, veg, greens
Toilet litter
Bi-annual injection - VHD
Bi-annual injection - Myxomatosis
Unplanned vet bills (emergency/teeth problems)
Checkups - at least twice a year
Toys and enrichment
  £50    (per year)
£260  (£5 per week)
£120  (£10 per month)
£100  (per year)
£36    (£9 bag every 3 months)
£30    (£15 per injection)
£30    (£15 per injection)
£25 - £100  (per time)
£50    (£25 per checkup)
£60    (£5 per month)


On average, per year a properly cared-for rabbit costs over £850!

Please bear in mind that rabbits should be kept in pairs so double that price! (£1700 per year) on top of the inital one-off costs. Please don't keep a rabbit on its own to live a life of solitude just to save money. Pet insurance is recommended as rabbit bills can be very expensive!

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