Fun stuff to keep your rabbits happy and entertained

Rabbits LOVE to play with toys, and it doesnt even have to cost you a penny! Most often their favourite play-things are the boxes that their toys came in! Swap their toys around every so often so they don't get bored seeing the same ones, and place them in different areas such as in the garden, in their run, and in their living space. Take a look at this short video to get some ideas :)

Cheap rabbit toys

  • Cardboard boxes with door holes cut out
  • Foot stools or small chairs to jump on (rabbits love a look out!)
  • Toilet roll inners stuffed with hay and herbs
  • A deep tray filled with soil for them to dig in (and save your flowerbeds!)
  • Rabbits love stripping the bark off apple tree branches (see safe foods for other woods)
  • Fill a breakfast cereal box with hay and herbs and treats
  • Hide treats in their hay
  • Branches with fruit and veg hanging from it
  • Things to throw about such as plastic plant pots
  • Check out the Budget Bunny website for cheap and free toy ideas

Rabbit toys you can buy from shops

  • Tunnels - some have velcro on the ends so you can join them together
  • Maze Haven
  • Willow balls
  • Rabbit-safe toys with bells in

And the best thing of all to keep your rabbit happy and entertained is... a bunny friend! Rabbits are happiest when they have a partner to share life with. Take a look at our bunny couples page here.

Please check out our bunny playtime gallery to see how other people keep their bunnies busy, entertained and learning!

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