Rabbit playtime

Rabbits love to throw things around, chew, dig, run through tunnels and jump on top of things to get a better view! You don't have to spend lots of money - cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes stuffed with hay and herbs are bunny favourites! Post your pics on our Facebook page and we'll feature our favourites in the gallery!
View our Rabbit Playtime page for more ideas and a video.

  • Lily and Billy spend hours chasing Carrot Woodrolls (from the Boredom Breakers range) around the floor trying to get the middle out!
  • Lily
  • Dusty and Matilda have lots of things to do in their run
  • Midnight and Alfie show us how free pipe from a builders merchant doubles up as a bunny tunnel
  • Midnight demonstrates the ever popular cardboard box!
  • Stuff a toilet roll with hays (and treats sometimes too) Nismo shows us how much fun it is trying to get the stuff out!
  • Charles loves plastic tunnels - great for hiding in, racing through, resting in or hopping on! Waiting for a home at Ventura County Animal Shelter in Camarillo, CA
  • Bunnies love throwing things around, as Nismo here shows us
  • Adam & Owen love their tunnel - waiting for a home at Ventura County Animal Shelter in Camarillo, CA
  • Hedwig can't wait to chew his way into the tube!
  • Cardboard box stuffed with rocket
  • Rabbits love throwing pine cones around, and anything else they can grip with their teeth! This is Flower - available to adopt from Ventura County Animal Shelter in Camarillo, CA
  • Maze Haven
  • Maze Haven
  • Maze Haven
  • Talulah in her tunnel
  • Nibbles brings his own toys along to play with his friend!
  • Caska loves to hide in boxes
  • Ellfie and Archie play with a Willow stick - safe wood for buns to chew on, nom nom nom!
  • Rafferty and Lily with a collection of rabbit-safe rattles and bells
  • Moop
  • Caska loves ripping up catalogues! (Choose papers that aren't too inky)
  • Nis
  • Moopy says hay out of a DIY toy is much more fun!
  • Rabbits love to climb on things as Bundles here demonstrates!
  • Billy and Lily join in when unwrapping presents! They love playing with/ throwing/ ripping Christmas paper (despite their unimpressed faces!)
  • Moopy ball
  • Bundles preferred the box to the actual game! :)
  • Blue and Friday love throwing this santa hat around
  • Caska has colourful wooden toys in her hutch to throw around
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