What Bugs a Bunny?

What bugs a bunny?

Every year the RSPCA take in thousands of pet rabbits for rehoming, and they see thousands more being kept in tiny hutches with no company, and no opportunities to play, exercise or graze on grass. So the RSPCA have launched a rabbit welfare campaign called 'What bugs a bunny' where they will be covering the main ways in which bunny owners can improve their pets' lives!

Rabbit eating hayThe first part of the campaign is called 'Hay fever' and explores what we should be feeding our rabbits to keep them happy and healthy. Here are some quick dos and don'ts:

A healthy rabbit diet should consist of:

  • Mainly good quality hay which should be available at all times (a bundle of hay that’s as big as a rabbit every day) and ideally also access to grass for grazing
  • Fresh clean grass (growing or picked by hand)
  • An adult rabbit-sized handful of washed dark leafy greens such as cabbage, broccoli, kale and herbs such as parsley
  • A small amount of good quality commercial rabbit pellets or nuggets (no more than 25g per kg of body weight)
  • Constant access to fresh, clean water


  • Despite popular belief, a rabbit’s diet shouldn’t include too much lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is not suitable
  • Carrots and apples are high in sugar and should only be fed as an occasional treat
  • Fresh clean grass is great, but not lawnmower clippings! They can upset a rabbit’s digestive system and make them ill

Video - Here's a short (and funny!) guide to what rabbits should eat from RSPCA's very own gangster, Bugsy Malone!

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