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About us

Brinsley Animal Rescue was founded by Jon Beresford and partner Bethan Hewis, we met in 2001 and share a passion for animals. We started by volunteering for the Charities Animal Accident Rescue Unit and Prevent Unwanted Pets and soon found our house in West Bridgford full of rescued pets and wild animals. We eventually decided to move when almost every room had a rabbit, a wild bird or a hedgehog in it.

In 2007 we bought a 4 acre property in Brinsley Nottingham where we have been welcomed by the local community. We expanded to take on farm animals as well as pets and wild animals and we continue to expand as the funds allow.

Brinsley Animal Rescue is now a Registered Charity run for animals by volunteers. The Charity is run on vegan values, therefore we do not believe in exploiting animals for food, profit or entertainment.

We have no paid staff and our premises, land, buildings, utilities and fuel are donated by us to the Charity free of charge. Therefore all of the money raised for the Charity goes directly into helping animals by paying for food, bedding, treatment and vets bills. We take no money out of the Charity for expenses, wages or rent. We need to raise £30,000 every year to pay the Charity bills.

We rescue pets, wild animals and farm animals, our aim is to rehome pets and farm animals and release wild animals back into the wild. Where we cannot rehome pets and farm animals, we provide them with permanent sanctuary.

How you can help us

It costs approximately £2500 every month to keep Brinsley Animal Rescue going, this covers our food, bedding and veterinary costs. As we are all volunteers and the premises are donated free of charge, all of our funding is spent directly on animals.

Funding is very essential to us and we are currently struggling financially. Many of our animals are expensive to keep and are difficult to rehome. We receive absolutely no support other than from public donations and so this is vital to our survival.

If you can help us financially in any way we would be very extremely grateful. You can do this by sending us a one off payment or regular financial support.

ONE OFF DONATION - You can pay on-line directly to us via Charities Trust or PayPal, please note we prefer Charities Trust Choice as they do not charge us;

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Contact Details

Please contact rescues to make an appointment before visiting them or giving up an animal.

Brinsley Animal Rescue
69 Hobsic Close
Brinsley, Nottinghamshire
NG16 5AX

0845 4582813


Donations are always welcome and can help us in a variety of ways.

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