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About us

we are a non profit family run animal rescue, all our animals are looked after until they find a new loving home. all our animals are neutered, health checked, teeth checked and vaccinated. we souly run on donations. we are a , non kill rescue this means no healthy animal will be put to sleep. we look after various types of small animals including birds until they find the life long home. all our animals are looked after to the best possible standard, the animals are also kept with us in a home enviroment and are given the very best mental and physical care!

What to do if you are interested in adopting from us

are adoption requirements change depending on the species of animals. all our animals were suitable are homed in pairs or to be bonded with a existing animal. rabbit and ferrets are homed to a minimum of 5x2x2ft hutch and ferret can be homed to 4x2x2ft with attached run. our requirement for piggies is also 4x2x2ft. all our homes are homed checks, we offer help, advise and bonding services also.

How you can help us

you can help us by making us a donation to our paypal address or by sending a check to our vets ivy lodge (please make sure it states it for cuddly critters) we are also grateful for items we cam use at findraisers or large hutch, cages and runs.

Further information

we have many animals looking for loving homes including rabbits, piggies, ferrets, mice degus, rats and some cats. we have new animals coming though our doors so please take a look at our website

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Contact Details

Please contact rescues to make an appointment before visiting them or giving up an animal.

Cuddly Critters Small Animal Rescue
South Ockendon, Essex


Donations are always welcome and can help us in a variety of ways.

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