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Honey Bun Haven is a very small, non-profitable organisation, small pet rescue based in the west midlands at our home.
We take in Rabbit and Guinea pigs that are unwanted, neglected or simply can't stay in their current situations.. and rehabilitate and adopt them out once ready....
we aim to vaccinate and neuter every rabbit in our care.
Aswell as neuter single male guineapigs who won’t bond with another male. (Often the case for most)
All rescues are struggling constantly, some months worse than others. With dumping cases and surrender requests rising persistently.
whether they are here to stay or are looking for homes each animal is looked after the best possible way.
All costs are paid with money out of our own pockets and otherwise we solely rely on donations from the public to help with vets costs and other necessities.
much dedication, time and effort is put into each and everyone of these guys to ensure their have the best aim at life .
We have 40+ animals here at a time depending on who arrives and who leaves and each animal comes with their own cost … your donations and support mean the world to us ! So if you can spare £1 please think of us and other local rescues … we need it more than you know.
please if you wish to donate, get into contact with us.
anything big or small is a help and will be made use of .
if you wish to donate any supplies whether that's food or housing please get in to contact with us also.
if you wish to adopt again please get into contact. any enquiries about anything don't hesitate to pop us a message, all details are on the page .
Your support is greatly appreciated
Honey bun haven.

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Please contact rescues to make an appointment before visiting them or giving up an animal.

Honey bun haven
Telford, West Midlands

+44 7513083742

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