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About us

Tameside Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue came into being due to the large number of requests from owners in Tameside asking us to find new homes for their unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs.

In 2002 after many years of breeding these small animals as family pets my parents and I decided to stop completely and concentrate on trying to make a better life for as many as we could.

We accept referrals from local people and organisations and take in rabbits, guinea pigs and occasionally chinchillas and hamsters, care for them and try to find new homes.

Some come to us who are very poorly and, with the help of a local veterinary surgery, they are nursed back to health before they can be rehomed.

What to do if you are interested in adopting from us

There is an adoption fee to help cover costs and new owners are asked to sign an adoption agreement stating that they will provide proof that they have had their rabbit neutered and vaccinated. Baby rabbits will not be rehomed under 12 weeks of age.

To arrange to visit the rescue please telephone 0773 883 1872.

How you can help us

We desperately need, food, cages, toys.
Please help us!
Since the 1st of January 2012 we have taken in 16 rabbits and desperately need homes to allow us to be able to accept more cruelly neglected or simply unwanted animals from the RSPCA. We are having to turn away as many as 4 unwanted animals every single day! If you buy baby rabbits or guinea pigs from a local breeder or petshop please have them checked over and sexed by your vet before housing them together.

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Please contact rescues to make an appointment before visiting them or giving up an animal.

Tameside Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue
Manchester, Greater Manchester

0773 883 1872


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