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About us

So many small animals end up in rescue centres through no fault of their own, whether due to a change in their owner’s circumstances or due to lack of correct information given at the time of purchase. Others are found dumped or simply no longer wanted.

The Littlest Lives Rescue (formerly The Littlest Rescue) is a small, completely self-funded rabbit rescue, based in North Bristol. We provide care and protection for rabbits and other small animals.

With our ‘adopt, don’t shop’ motto, we are always looking for committed, spacious, forever homes for the animals in our care. So, whether you are a first-time bunny owner or have owned rabbits for years, we welcome you to adopt!

We always have a wide range of rabbits to suit any home. Whether it’s a match up for your lonely bunny or a pair/group to welcome into the family, we will never be short of animals who need a second chance to be loved!

For more information about fostering, adopting or volunteering for The Littlest Lives Rescue in Bristol get in contact with us today!

What to do if you are interested in adopting from us

The first step would be to fill out an adoption enquiry form on our website. We will then discuss things via email, arrange a home check (usually virtual), answer any questions you have and then discuss bunnies we have available.

How you can help us

Here are some ways you can help us:
- Adopt
- Donate
- Volunteer, whether that is by cleaning out at the main centre, helping with fundraising events or in other ways
- Foster bunnies while they wait to be adopted
- Like, comment and share our posts

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Please contact rescues to make an appointment before visiting them or giving up an animal.

The Littlest Lives Rescue
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Donations are always welcome and can help us in a variety of ways.

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